Criminal to be Surgically Paralyzed in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi Arabian court is reported to have ordered a man to be surgically paralyzed for a crime committed ten years ago.  The Saudi Gazette recently reported that Ali al-Khawaher, 24, paralyzed a childhood friend when he stabbed him in the spine ten years ago, leaving his friend paralyzed from the waist down.  Since that time, Ali al-Khawaher has been imprisoned, sentenced to surgical paralyzation.  However, under Islamic sharia law, the victim may pardon Ali al-Khawaher in return for “blood money.”  Thus, Ali al-Khawaher will undergo the surgical procedure as sentenced unless his family pays the one million Saudi riyals demanded by the victim.  Unfortunately for Ali al-Khawaher, his family says they do not have sufficient resources to effectuate the pardon. Amnesty International has condemned the sentence, maintaining that paralyzing Ali al-Khawaher as a form of punishment would constitute torture.  Read the original article here.


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