Remote Controlled…Bodies?

Three graduates from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program created “OpenLimbs,” which is “a platform for controlling human arms over the internet.” A volunteer’s limbs may even be controlled via iPhone to arm connection. In a demonstration of the project the observer will see one arm controlled over the internet with an iPhone’s accelerometer, while the other is controlled by a flex sensor that is attached to a skeleton.

The implications of such an innovation are enormous. According to Will Canine, one of the 3 graduates, “[u]sually people are really scared of this idea but we think it has some really interesting implications for people with paralysis or who can’t control their own bodies.” The project could also be of great benefit to people who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis; however OpenLimbs is still in its initial stages.

Read more about “OpenLimbs” here and here.   See the video demonstration here.

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