Texas Bill Requires Public Institutions of Higher Learning to Submit Stem Cell Research Expenses to the State for Publication

The Texas Legislature passed a bill that requires public institutions of higher learning to report their spending on stem cell research to the State for publication.

Dr. Joe Pojmon from Texas Alliance for Life states that the bill will help gather information from public institutions about stem cell research “so the state can publicize its progress” and make Texas a world leader in that area. However Dr. Pojmon emphasizes that the bill will help, “get the word out that Texas is a world leader in research and treatments” with the successful use of adult stem cells. Dr. Pojmon maintains that the use of embryonic stem cells has not produced successful treatments. Both Texas Alliance for Life and Dr. Pojmon take a pro-life stance, and believe that the public ought to know if tax dollars are spent on embryonic stem cell research because they “do not favor [embryonic stem-cell research] because that requires destroying embryos.”

Texas Alliance for Life has a list of top priorities for the Texas State Legislature, some of which include: shifting funds from Planned Parenthood to community clinics; excluding Planned Parenthood from the “traditional” Medicaid program; end-of-life-law reform (which includes a ban on secret DNRs) as well as implementing stricter judicial bypass procedures for minors seeking abortions in order to afford the parents more rights.

To read the article click here.  Additional articles can be found here and here.

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