NIH Allocates $25 Million for Genomic Screenings

The National Institute of Health (NIH) will grant twenty-five million dollars, over the next five years, in order to examine health, privacy, economics, interpersonal issues and newborn genomic screening. The NIH will take DNA samples from newborns, from four U.S. cities; however, many of the parents and children involved will have no notice that their DNA is being studied.

The goal of the NIH is to discover whether it is economically feasible to obtain every newborn’s DNA for analysis purposes. Currently, newborns are screened for twenty-six manageable, or even preventable, conditions or diseases. The current screening costs approximately one-hundred dollars; however the new genomic screening costs approximately five-thousand dollars. In addition, some are concerned that, if genomic screening proves successful, many parents may limit their children’s activities in order to protect them from disorders that may never develop.

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