Conservative Group Uses Questionable Media Tactics in War on Obamacare

Various partisan organizations use the media to wage their battles in the war surrounding the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, one outfit in particular, Generation Opportunity, a conservative group based in Virginia, has launched a campaign (described as “creepy”) aimed at convincing younger people not to enroll in the insurance exchanges. In order to sway this population, Generation Opportunity made a video featuring a young woman visiting the gynecologist. The young woman is in stirrups; her female doctor leaves the room unexpectedly—in order to make way for “a leering Uncle Sam” brandishing a speculum.  The woman squirms and screams out of fear. The president of Generation Opportunity claims that the goal is to educate the younger population, and not to insinuate rape. The group made a similar video geared to the young, male population, in which Uncle Sam snaps on his rubber glove.

Read more here.

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