Research with “Humanized Mice” Reveals New Information on Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is a tropical disease that is transmitted to humans via mosquitos, and it is prevalent in 100 countries worldwide. Dengue fever may have serious consequences and can be fatal. There is no vaccine or cure, and because the virus is only transmitted to humans and no other species, there were no animal models available to study the disease. To address this problem, researchers from MIT and the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology have created a “humanized mouse.” These mice have features of the human immune system and may be infected with Dengue fever. As a result, the researchers discovered that a major symptom of the virus is blood platelet depletion. The study has been referred to as a major breakthrough in discerning how Dengue fever operates.

Read more here.

To read more about Dengue fever and how smartphone technology is being used  to combat the disease fever in Lahore, Pakistan, click here.


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