High HIV Levels Among Youth Per NIH

The primary mission of the Adolescent Medicine Trials Network for HIV/AIDS Interventions’ (ATN) is to “conduct both independent and collaborative research,”[1] which explores the best methods for prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS for at-risk youth, ages 12 to 24. In addition, the ATN offers a variety of treatment and preventative measures to at-risk adolescents. The National Institute of Health (NIH) conducted a study recently, which monitored the health status of the participants in the ATN. The NIH reported that over 30 percent of the young men who had sex with men were found to have high levels of HIV upon their enrollment in the study.

As a result of its findings the NIH made several recommendations. The NIH states that health care workers that work with adolescents, especially males who have sex with males, should emphasize the importance of HIV/AIDS testing. However, the NIH maintains that women should be aware of the importance of testing and early diagnosis as well. The study suggests the possibility that the men are being tested and diagnosed earlier than women. Access the CDC’s list of at-risk individuals here.

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