Hospitals Changing Marketing Tactics to Bring in Male Patients

It is common to find medical institutions that offer medical services geared specifically for women.  However, the industry has been silent concerning the specific medical needs facing men… until recently.

 Within the last couple of years, medical institutions devoted to men have been popping up all around the country. The new clinics are aware of the lengths to which men will go in order to avoid the doctor and have tailored their marketing and treatments accordingly.  The clinics market themselves as “luxury spas” and use slogans like: “It’s the gentlemen’s club your wife would approve of.”   The treatments range from those focused on vanity, such as hair removal, to more serious matters such as prostate exams.

 Supporters of male-focused clinics think that by giving men a comfortable place to receive not-so-serious treatments, the clinics will lead to men more often receiving care for serious conditions such as prostate cancer.  Those opposed feel that clinics like these may over-treat and result in more damage than benefit to men’s health.


Read more here.

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