1,700 Patients Were Not Put On Official Waiting Lists at the Phoenix V.A.

Richard J. Griffin, the Inspector General for Veterans Affairs, reported that 1,700 veterans were not placed on the Phoenix V.A.’s official waiting lists for doctors’ appointments. In fact, many of these patients may not have received medical care at all, and there are allegations that some veterans may have died while waiting for care.

 Investigators found that out of a sample of 226 patients, the average wait time for an initial primary care appointment was 115 days.  But the Phoenix V.A.’s reported average to the National Veterans Affairs Office was 24 days. (The average wait time is a factor in determining bonuses and salary increases. Moreover, several waiting lists were uncovered during the investigation that were separate from the “official” waiting list suggesting that criminal activity may have been involved in reporting wait times in Phoenix.

Read more here.

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