Post-Hospital Syndrome: Are Hospitals to Blame?

Medical professionals are now seeing an increase in patients with post-hospital syndrome, described as a state of susceptibility that leads to a new affliction.  This is different than a relapse.  Patients are entering hospitals for particular ailments, but developing independent and unrelated illnesses after the initial reasons for hospitalization have been resolved.

Dr. Krumholz, a professor of medicine and public health at Yale School of Medicine says that in “many ways the hospital environment can be the opposite of healing.” He believes that because patients are often “deconditioned, in pain, malnourished, stressed with circadian disruptions” they become susceptible to new illnesses.

Dr. Krumholz (with the help of Dr. Desky, a professor of health policy at the University of Toronto) proposes an overhauling in hospital care as a solution to the problem. The doctors recommend more cheerful décor and preserving patients’ dignity by allowing them to remain in their own clothing.  The doctors gave harsh criticism to the “draconian unsavory diet” provided to patients and believe that eating well is critical for healing. Furthermore, the aggressive treatment provided by healthcare facilities to cure the problems that bring patients into the hospital, may be the very reason a patient will have to return.

Read more here.

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