World Health Organization Pushes for E-Cigarette Regulation Without Conclusive Evidence of Future Hazards

The World Health Organization (“WHO”) is pushing for tighter restrictions on electronic cigarettes (“E-Cigarettes”). E-Cigarettes heat nicotine solution for the user to inhale. Manufacturers, claiming users merely inhale harmless water vapor, market the devices as a “safer” alternative to smoking. No conclusive study has shown that E-Cigarettes are a health hazard. However, the WHO points to independent studies showing large “variations” in toxicity and emission levels among the rapidly growing number of E-cigarette brands. In light of these “variations,” coupled with the steep rise in adolescent use, the organization has called for E-Cigarettes to be treated like other tobacco products on the market. The WHO suggests that E-cigarettes should not be marketed as aids for quitting smoking, that indoor use should be prohibited, and that minors should be restricted from purchasing E-cigarettes.

Read more here.


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