Long-Term Birth Control Becoming Popular Among North Carolina, Colorado Teens

An article dated October 6th, 2016 discusses the use of long-term, reversible contraception among young women in North Carolina and Colorado. Long-term contraception is endorsed by multiple medical organizations, and experts say that it is 99% effective. Despite this, young women in the United States are more reluctant to use this form of birth control than are their peers in other developed nations. In North Carolina and Colorado, however, long-term contraception is gaining traction among young women and teens. Healthcare providers in North Carolina clinics underwent training to learn about long-term contraceptives, and Colorado has been subsidizing the cost of them. Due to their success in lowering teen pregnancy and abortion, the Department of Health and Human Services suggests that this form of contraception should become more accessible to potential users.

From npr.org, “Long-Term, Reversible Contraception Gains Traction with Young Women”

Excerpt from article:

By using effective contraception to space out their children, teens and other young women can help reduce the risk of delivering a premature or low-birth-weight baby, research shows. And preventing unplanned pregnancies can be ‘essential to a woman’s long-term physical and emotional well-being,’ according to HHS.”

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