Colorado Voters Speak on the Legalization of “Medical Aid in Dying”

Through a ballot initiative in last week’s election, Colorado became the fifth state to pass a “medical aid in dying” proposition.  Two-thirds of Colorado voters supported Proposition 106, which permits adults suffering from terminal illness, who have less than six months to live and are mentally competent, to self-administer a lethal dose of doctor-prescribed sleeping medication.  Opponents were concerned that the proposition lacks adequate safeguards, such as requiring a doctor to be present when the medication is administered. Yet, an overwhelming majority of voters supported the proposition, explaining that they have watched loved ones suffer through a terminal illness and believe they should have at least had the option to end their life with dignity.

From The Denver Post, “Colorado Passes Medical Aid in Dying, Joining Five Other States

Excerpt from article:

“Now we know that Coloradans believe that offering the option of medical aid in dying is the kind, compassionate, safe and just thing to do.”

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