Netherlands Man Suffering from Alcoholism Approved for Euthanasia

In an article dated November 30, 2016, The Washington Times reported that a forty-one-year-old man, Mark Langedijk, was recently approved to be euthanized in the Netherlands —pursuant to a law enacted to allow mercy killing for those undergoing unbearable suffering —due to his his struggle with alcoholism. The man had reportedly tried going to rehabilitative facilities twenty-one times, without success, and simply did not want to live anymore. Requests such as this must be reviewed and approved by a board of physicians.

From The Washington Times, “Mark Langedijk, Dutch Man, Euthanized Over Alcoholism”

Excerpt from article:

“Langedijk’s death demonstrates that Holland is a ‘dangerous place to have any physical or mental illness, to be struggling with any life challenges, or just to differ from what they might call normal.’”

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