Relocating to Afford Medical Treatment

A recent article follows two stories about families forced to relocate because of the lack of care their disabled children receive under Florida’s Medicaid program. Families and patients’ rights organizations have brought multiple cases against the state for poor management of the program. The spokesman for Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration stated that the problems occurred prior to the state’s transition to a managed care system; under the new system the problems have been resolved. However, parents are not willing to take that risk and are moving to states where providers will not refuse to see them due to delayed insurance payments and where life-saving medicines are easily accessible for their disabled children.

From, “Health care refugees: Family flees Florida to save daughter’s life”

Excerpt from article:

Like nearly half of all children in Florida, Abby has Medicaid, the state-run health insurance. Her parents say that instead of being helpful, Florida Medicaid refused to pay for lifesaving medicines and took so long to pay some of her health care providers that at times, they refused to treat her.

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