“Females Finally Have Reproductive Autonomy in China – Or Do They? “

Over a year ago, President of China, Xi Jinping, reversed the one-child policy which limited couples to having one child and required all new mothers to receive an intrauterine device (IUD) as a form of birth control. Now, the Chinese government is encouraging couples to procreate in order to address concerns over the aging population and shrinking workforce.  It is encouraging women to remove their IUDs free of charge. However, the IUDs that most women in China received under the one-child policy can only be removed through surgery and many women remain bitter that it was not their choice to receive the IUD in the first place. They are outraged that the government has not apologized for controlling their reproductive autonomy and that, by encouraging them to undergo the surgery, the government is still pushing them towards making a particular decision they may not be interested in making.

From The New York Times, “After One-Child Policy, Outrage at China’s Offer to Remove IUDs”

Excerpt from article:

“The mass implantation of IUDs amounted to “involuntary, forced acts of mutilation,” Han Haoyue, a popular columnist, wrote in a post shared nearly 3,000 times on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter. ‘And now, to say they are offering free removal as a service to these tens of millions of women — repeatedly broadcasting this on state television as a kind of state benefit — they have no shame, second to none.’”

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