Heroin Deaths Outpace Gun Deaths Last Year


Heroin deaths have quadrupled since 1999, making it a bigger killer than guns in the United States. While addiction is a disease that health professionals are familiar with, the average American still believes addiction is a character flaw rather than a chronic disease. Over 20 million Americans have addiction issues and over 12 million abuse prescription opioids. With the number of Americans suffering from drug addiction rising, politicians are paying more attention to this crisis, with Congress recently allocating $1 billion to address the opioid epidemic.

From huffingtonpost.com, “Heroin Deaths Topped Gun Homicides Last Year, Depressing CDC Data Shows”

Excerpt from article:

  “It doesn’t take long for prescription use to evolve into misuse.  According to a new Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation survey, a third of Americans who took a prescription opioid for two months or longer became addicted to or physically dependent on painkillers.”

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